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Our aim is to bring people with a common interest together in a social environment. What better place than Clapham Old Town? With experienced speakers from a variety of different property investment backgrounds you are sure to expand your knowledge.


If you are interested in learning about how to succeed in property investment, securing your future and be well underway to building a passive income stream then come along! 

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January 2018 - Market Outlook for 2018 with Rod Turner

Thank you for yet again an amazing night! Trevor and I certainly loved the atmosphere! Great to see regulars and new faces alike, the more the merrier! We hope that you were able to connect to new people and further cement existing relationships.


Thank you also for the speaker of the night, Rod Turner. Now we have great outlook of the market for the year 2018. 

November 2017 - HMO Special with Bruce Mainwaring & Jim Haliburton

Thank you for attending the November Clapham Property Meet! It was a wonderful night that was made possible because of you.


And thanks to our speakers for the night,
Bruce Mainwaring for his HMO & Development Commercial Finance session
and Jim Haliburton for his frank and informative question and answer session

Lots golden nuggets were thrown around and we're certainly wiser for it!

October 2017 - Deal Sourcing with Susannah Cole!

Thank you all for a fantastic night! Trevor were humbled by people coming from afar, even from as far as Switzerland! We’ve had loads of great feedback about the content and format, thank you again for all your contributions – it’s really YOU that make the meeting great for networking! We were there until the early hours talking shop!

A big thank you to Suzannah Cole for her energetic presentation. It certainly goes to show that we could all be putting some more effort into EVERYTHING we’re doing, whether it’s viewings, phone calls or deal stacking. More is… MORE!

September 2017 - CPM 1 Year Anniversary

A great night to celebrate the first anniversary of Clapham Property Meet!


Trevor Cutmore started with his talk about lettings regulation. On how to get your tenancy set up correctly from the start to help you avoid problems later.

After that, the hosts, Trevor and Jeroen, dove in to the Clapham Property Meet with Property Market News.


And because we are celebrated our first year anniversary, we have not just one, but five speakers for the night! 


Sharief Abdel-Hadi and Susan Gregory from Nested were the one to speak first. They talked about their investor-backed innovative model that guarantees money in your account within 90 days of listing with them, at a fair market price!


Next to speak is Denise Naylor who has been active to peer-to-peer funding since the 1980s. With her great experience, she shared things about peer-to-peer lending and how this is changing funding for property investment. 


Steve Cogan and Nikki Pearle were the last speakers for the night. They are property developers/investors who have undertaken a project in West London with a projected £7.5M GDV. They talked to us through their methods of thinking big. They shared their experiences and why they decided to bypass small deals and go straight for the Big Deals with Big Profits.



It was an absolutely amazing event we had! Thank you very much to all the attendees and the speakers that made Clapham Property Meet First Year Anniversary the best evening of the year.


July 2017 - Julian Maurice - "The Boutique Principle"

Another great night at the Clapham Property Meet!


Thank you to all of those who attended.


We started the evening with Jeroen Hoppe giving a talk prior to the meeting with some great lessons and tips in negotiation which was gratefully received by all.


Trevor Cutmore and Jeroen then gave a market update with yet again conflicting news reports, some of doom and gloom and some stating property prices are rising!


During this time we got a feel of what is happening on the ground in London, through a general discussion - there was majority feeling that rents are going down in London. Jeroen went on to say he did not have this problem with his portfolio; quality product is still in high demand, clearly!


Manish Shah's talk "The Mortgage Strikes Back" had the audience gripped, with some big names (Justin Brewer for one) in the London Serviced Accommodation arena attending specially for this talk. His finance product that may become available to finance a BTL property with the added flexibility to also use the property as Serviced Accommodation. An interesting and exciting prospect! For further information, please contact Manish direct:


Julian Maurice was our main speaker for the evening and gave an excellent talk titled "The Boutique Principle." An extremely informative and inspiring talk of to maximise your profits on what you already have by 'attention to detail'. The colour principles of how to do this were very powerful and showed great insight. For more information, please contact Julian on facebook or via email:


Finally, we would like to say thank you to; Andy and Angela who faithfully help and support our meeting month on month.

June 2017 - All things Planning with Jonathan McDermott

What an informative evening! The audience was gripped from start to end with the information conveyed to them. From permitted development to planning permission for a 50mm extension to get a massive extension through, Jonathan McDermott told us all the tricks of the trade!


Trevor Cutmore hosted a short talk to wet the audience's apetite for investing with Lease Options and explained the difference between different types of deals, highlighting some of his own that he's done and how to approach a vendor direct.


Jeroen Hopp offered valuable insight into the London Auction market, having purchased himself as recently as last week!


A fantastic night with excellent feeback from attendees.

May 2017 - Property Cycles with David Clouter

For this event we had a special talk on deal sourcing. Guest speaker Sel Fayyad took us through Network Marketing to expand your Direct to Vendor Leads and Jeroen Hoppe discussed buying the best deals through estate agents. The main speaker, David Clouter, an investor with 30+ years of experience whizzed us through so much material in a comical presentation about Property Cycles. From the Latvian Hooker index to the McDonalds Burger index he showed us the key factors to look out for to spot the peaks and troughs in the market. An amazing night of networking followed. Lots of new faces and amazing feedback! 

April 2017 - Advanced Taxation with Mark Barrett

Guest speaker Mark Barratt took the crowd by storm with his expertise in taxation. We received some very good comments from our guests and he is already well underway in helping them to reduce those hefty tax bills. News from Trevor Cutmore and he elaborated on recent developments in London in particular.


March 2017 - Build to Rent - Sustainable investing

Lloyd Girardi took the crowd by storm with his highly inspirational talk on his strategy - Build to Rent. Using none of his own money he was able to build a property portfolio of 40+ units and a passive income of tens of thousands of pounds every month. He is now moving in to Serviced Accomodation and HMO multi-lets to further increase his cash flow.

February 2017 - The Changing Face of Property Finance

Guest speaker Martin Smedley elaborated on the changes facing investors in 2017 and beyond. How to make sure your financial needs are met; after all, every investor runs out of money at some point. Jeroen discussed adding value without adding square footage to London properties by repurposing the floor space. He shared 3 deals that are returning over 20% on his investment using this strategy. Market update with Trevor Cutmore and excellent networking all evening!


January 2017 - Investing your pension in Property

Guest speaker Mike Holt talked us through a very tax efficient way of investing, using your pension! Some golden nuggets on the night with strategies to compound your pension at 12+% interest, borrowing money from your pension for property deals and much more! Jeroen Hoppe gave special insight into the mind of an estate agent, using his 15 years of experience to help you find the best deals using agents!

November 2016 - Maximising (HMO) Rental profits

Guest speaker Jenny Fenton talked us through dressing HMO properties and refurbishing to a superior quality to get the best returns per room. Jeroen Hoppe talked de-risking any deal, giving various exit strategies and ways to minimise your risks when dealing with tradesmen.

October 2016 - Developments in London

Guest speakers Anna Harper and Stefan Canavan took us through their methodology for development deals in London

Jeroen Hoppe talked about lettings regulations and tenant evictions

Trevor Cutmore hosted question time

September 2016 - How to run a Serviced Accommodation Business

Mike Frisby took us through his Serviced Accomodation Strategy

Jeroen Hoppe discussed the investor market (auctions) and how to increase your return from flip deals through the SA model

Trevor Cutmore talked about adding value by adding square footage


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